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See yourself at the finish line, as we commit to making your book journey a rewarding one.


Write your autobiography

Do you have a compelling story to tell? Can your story change one person or save one person's life? Then you are accountable to share your story.


Create mini-books from your talks or sermons

If you are a speaker, lecturer, professor, pastor or any other professional, you can create mini-books in as little as 14 days. These audio to mini-books are a quick and easy way to develop your book portfolio and available resources at your conference table or online store. Plus, it will be available at all major book retailers online including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You already have the knowledge, now capture it with audio to book transcription services from Elani Publishing.


Teach us what you have learned

Is your message bubbling up in a fiction novel? How about those lessons you have learned the hard way and you've got the scars to prove it? You may just be full of inspiration, and you are ready to motivate with your How-to book...whatever the case, it's time to write!


Share your recipes or DIY ideas

Everyone says you have the best recipes or can fix anything in the house. Capture these treasures in your very own recipe or DIY book!

This is it.  Welcome Home.

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