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Take Your Book Beyond its Pages

Your book is ready, but you need to connect with readers and reach a wider audience. Our dedicated team of marketers, creatives, strategic planners and digital advertising experts can help guide your book from conception to finished product to being in the hands of your readers.

Strategic Planning and Execution

A detailed Marketing Strategy Plan is developed with timelines and milestones to get the greatest ROI on your marketing budget.

Building Your Presence

Create a platform where your voice can be uniquely yours as you amplify through all the web and social media platforms

Content Creation

Get the full backing of Elani Studios, our in-house creative agency, behind your project. Our producers, writers, photographers, videographers, editors and more will be all focused on taking your brand to the next level

Elani.Life Network

Be featured and promoted on Elani Life. A global magazine network for our authors and content creators.

Digital Advertising and Marketing

Don’t just build a presence, promote it. Our team of digital marketing and media experts can help get your message to the correct audience.

Results Oriented

It's easy to pour money into the unlimited abyss that is digital marketing. We make it our priority to deliver measurable results, helping you gauge your ROI against real results.

Showcase your Work with an Author's Website

Build a platform where your voice can be uniquely yours as you amplify through all the social media platforms.

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