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Our Design Services

Our Design Packages start at $2050 for Custom Cover Design and Custom Interior Layout.  Get custom quotes for Illustration and other design services individually.  We are powered by Elani Studios which is a full service creative agency.

Design for Digital

Be pervasive as we design assets to be consumed from print to digital. Harmonize your branding across all channels.

Making Design Accessible

Unleash the full potential of a full-service creative agency at your disposal. Our authors are given every advantage to stand out from the crowd.

The Timelessness of Print

Print is never out of style. Whether you desire hard cover or paperback, we can produce a design that uniquely communicates your vision.

  • 2050 One Time Payment Starting at $2050
    • Design Package
    • This package is the second step in the process to Making the Book™. We create the visual optics of the book by designing a custom book cover and professional interior design .
    • • Custom Book Cover Design
      • Custom Interior Layout

A Creative Agency that Brings Your Vision to Life

You have invested your heart and soul into your book. Let your cover design reflect that.