Lily James was doing her best to start over in a small New England town. But in 1950, not everyone was accepting of a girl of color. To make things even more complicated, she feels herself inexplicably drawn to a young preacher who is all wrong for her, at least that’s what everyone in the town believes.
Dr Jeanne Brooks No avatar Author & Speaker
" I found working with Elani to be refreshing after coming from another self-publishing company. Anika has spent numerous hours with me, hearing my vision and helping me cultivate it to reality. I truly believe, with Elani supporting me with their expertise, my dream will be fully realized. "
Diana Garcia No avatar President & Founder Dulce Diana
" I had no idea going into this that it would be so much work. Creating a brand takes a level of expertise that Anika was able to provide. Anika has been there every step of the way to guide me. "
Kim Lacey Schock No avatar Author
" I want to publicly thank Anika for ALL that she does and for her devotion to this cookbook. Her long hours of editing, book layout, picture taking...Her mind is a mechanical machine of know-how and how to, which “Back Roads Country Living” would of never gotten out the gates if it had not been for her. "

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