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Introducing our trademark Making the Book™ process to get you to published author status in record time.


Need help articulating your vision? Maybe you just lack motivation and would love someone to coach you through the process. We can help you.



This is the exciting part of the process! Your book cover captures the attention of the reader and communicates the intent of your book. Let's make it impactful.

Anika Janelle Pettiford Anika Founder

Capture your reader's attention with custom designed book covers.

Laying out your book may be a tedious task, but someone has to do it and do it right!

This is a small detail with a big impact. We consider your genre and audience in typography decisions.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes photography doesn't cut it, and you need an illustrator to capture that certain look. We can help with that.

Are you one of the special ones called to write to entertain and educate our kids? Let's get that book illustrated for you!

Need high-resolution photography for your recipe book? Let's get you connected with the right photographer.


Your book is published, and now you are ready to shine! Let's strategize and position you and your book for optimal exposure.


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We can transcribe your sermons or audio notes into a polished book in as little as 21 days.

More readers are becoming listeners as they look for convenient ways to consume your book.

Simply a must.

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